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He had 3 daughters from his wife Emily Hugg. Hugg, known to his listeners as "Huggy Boy", was instrumental in the promotion of rock and roll in the s.

He is credited with bringing rhythm and blues to the airwaves of Southern California, shows well as bringing the "Eastside Sound" dick large audience.

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He was the first white disc jockey to broadcast on station KRKD boy the front window of John Dolphin's popular all-night record store, Dolphin's of Hollywood shows, at the corner of Central and Vernon Avenues. He also co-produced several artists, such as vocalist Jesse Belvin and saxophonist Joe Houstonon Dolphin's various record labels, including Cash and Money. He promoted dances and shows in the barrio and was important in the growth dick the city's so-called Eastside Sound.

His popularity continued to increase long after the show went off the air.

Dick Fox's the Golden Boys

Following the Telecommunications Act ofwhich profoundly deregulated how many radio and television stations one corporation can own, CBS ended up buying KRLA in CBS also owned K-Earthwhich was also an oldies station. While some people were out of a job, as is the nature of broadcasting, Huggy Boy was, to the genuine surprise to many in the industry, given a nightly spot on Inas it is now, K-Earth had a very highly restrictive oldies playlist, and Huggy Boy was only able to play one tune from his unique oldies collection only diaper filmy porno an hour.

As listeners to the radio station boy