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Each stage of development comes with new opportunities boobboob learning. For example, an infant might explore by touching, grasping, chewing, or crawling. A toddler might explore by walking or climbing.

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Physical activity and curiosity don't simply build a strong body; they build a strong brain! As vidiyo children explore their surroundings, their brains build mental maps of places and spaces.

This is why "Explore Through Movement and Play" is one of the 5 Basics that every child needs to get a great start in life!

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Give your baby regular "tummy time. They also get a new view of their surroundings. Play peek-a-boo. This game teaches infants that objects and people exist even when hidden.

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It's also a fun way to bond with your child! Make art. Drawing, even if it's just scribbling with crayons on scrap paper, is a good way for little hands to build strong muscles and for little minds to develop creativity.

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