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Bleach rukia masterbation

This is my first erotic and overall fan fiction.


I hope you all enjoy this. I welcome any comments of criticism and hooter sex on improvement. Six o'clock came ringing through the Bleach household with the sound of forks and knives rukia cold porcelain plates filled with half eaten food that Yuzu carefully prepared like that of her past away mother. After a long sigh, Ichigo sits up from the table and tiredly says, "I'm gonna go and lay down in rukia room to rest this food off.

Thanks Yuzu for the food.

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Rukia stopped by her room to lie down for a while to just masterbation wait until Bleach came to make sure that she was sleeping well, just like every night. Rukia thinks to herself 'Yuzu is a really sweet girl, Ichigo is lucky to have a sister like that.

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Rukia waited a few minutes for the sound of Yuzu's door to close. Rukia had been increasingly curious to what Ichigo did in his room after dinner the past few days, and tonight, her curiosity masterbation gotten the better of her. When she was certain that both Yuzu and Karin were both asleep, she left her gigai in the bed in case Karin, who could actually see ghosts and soul reapers, woke up.

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