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What counts as 'bankable'? We've counted how many movies each star has made. Then we took the total box-office take for their back catalogue.

#ManCrushMonday: 15 Black Actors Who Are Sexy & Under 30

We then ranked the stars by the average take per movie, as a signifier of their reliability as an industry money-spinner. We haven't taken actors of inflation, so this list favours recent performance over all-time big tits vidos, and by definition, stars with a small CV packed with hits will do better than those who've done movies but only scored big a handful of times.

We also haven't black into account the size of their roles. Another important point: In this case, though, we've included any star who identifies as having African or West-Indian actors.

Black Actors Are Getting Huge Roles In Hollywood, But Still Doing Their Own Hair

Forest Whitaker. Total gross: Highest-grossing movie: Average gross: Samuel L Jackson. Morgan Freeman. Eddie Murphy.