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Dr Karl: How Russian criminals cheated the pokies - Science News - ABC News

InRussian criminals turned the tables on American casinos when they worked out how to beat the poker machines — thanks to Vladimir Putin and mathematics.

Australians are big players of the pokies — and like all dedicated players, we're big losers. And that's not best luck — all poker machines are designed to only pay out a certain amount of the money put in. In Australia, that payout is set at 87 per cent or higher. That means that averaged over a long time, the pokies will pay out 87 per cent of the money put in.

Dr Karl: How Russian criminals cheated the pokies

It also means that while you may have a win here or there, the longer you play, the more likely you are to lose. The Russian cheats who won millions on US poker machines weren't riding a pokies streak — they used the maths behind the seemingly random play of poker machines to really shorten the odds in their favour.

When you hit play on a pokie, the anal bigassporno start spinning and depending on the pattern that extremeenemaporn when they stop, you might get a payout. An unbroken row of say, five cherries, and you could get the maximum payout.

Now it's important for the 'house' that the gambler cannot predict when a winning sequence like this will appear. Ideally, the symbols should appear in a totally random order.