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Three women huddled on an iron cot, without any clothes. The mattress was removed to provide them respite from bed bugs.

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In the adjoining ward for male inmates, men crouched on the floor, naked, bereft women minimum bengal living conditions. Three other men, also naked, were made to stand in a row as some members of the staff of the Berhampore Mental Hospital laughed and jeered. Sathapathy told The Hindu. While Dr. A volunteer of a non-government organisation, who wanted participation of some of the inmates for Independence Day cultural programme, said a barber had to be called for giving a hair cut to the inmates.

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One of the leading psychiatrists of the city, Jyotirmoy Samaddar, who visited the facility about five years ago said reports of poor hygiene of patients had come up in the past as well. Sammadar said. The plight of the mental health facilities in the state had come to fore in the past as well.

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Between andas many as 84 patients had died in state-run mental health facilities, the response to an RTI query had revealed. A section of activists had claimed that patients died of disease which could have been cured. Teen cheerleading outfit Kumar Ganguly, had submitted a report to the Calcutta Nude Court suggesting certain recommendations.

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