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Christmas time is the most popular time of the year for babies to be conceived https: I'm sex sorry, my first child was a September baby.

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The midwife on the ward was nearing a breakdown. I can't apologise enough xx. Fair enough.

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I had noticed this a long time ago,now you know when to book your holiday time off. Skip navigation!

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Story from News. Begs midwife has made an early Christmas appeal, begging people to stop having sex at Christmas because it leads to a spike in babies born in September.

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Mhairi Maharry33, who is based in London, made the light-hearted plea on her Twitter account, which has since for made private. The tweet has been liked more than 16, times and garnered hundreds of comments since she posted it, MailOnline reported. Figures from the Office for National Statistics back this up, showing between and there was an average of sex girl dominat, deliveries on 26th September, compared with the average for the whole year of 1, births.