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Bathtub masturbation

Sooner or later the majority of us learn to achieve an orgasm from masturbatory activity of some sort or another.

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Once we find a way of getting off, we tend to stick with that method, as it's easy and always worked for us. Though that may be fine bathtub all you want is a surefire orgasm, imagine the pleasure a new technique might bring you.

Masturbation Techniques and Tips

In this section we have recorded a whole range of techniques that we have tried or have masturbation of and think sound practical and fun. Feel free to masturbation any or all of them, add to them if you want and, of course, let us have details of your special ways of getting off. The bathtub truth is there are as many different masturbation techniques as there are women masturbating, and that's more than you might think!! If you've never tried to masturbate before then I suggest you begin by using what you have at your fingertips umm, your fingertips before moving onto more advanced techniques.

Most girls probably first discover masturbation by innocently touching their genitals with their fingers.

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Its therefore probably not surprising tan hawaiian pussy hand and finger stimulation of the vulva and clitoris is reported to be the most common method of masturbation among women.

It is also the easiest as nothing extra is needed for a satisfying session.