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Joss Whedon has signed on to write, direct and produce a movie batgirlnaked Batgirl, according to Variety. His long-running TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayerbroke ground with its unapologetically badass heroine. And Whedon has plenty of experience with superheroes: He helmed the first two mega-budget Avengers films for Marvel.

Batgirl Gets Naked, Grey's and More Short Cuts

The first incarnation, Bat-Girl, was introduced in as Betty Kane. Barbara Gordon replaced her as the non-hyphenated Batgirl in and has remained the most iconic version of the superhero since. Like Batman, Batgirl has no superpowers but does know martial arts and has a genius-level intellect. She is a completely different character than Batwoman, batgirlnaked. Katherine Kane, a rich heiress who also fights crime. Gordon has gone through many iterations, and the latest version is by far the most modern and light-hearted.

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However, Entertainment Weekly reported that the movie will be heavily influenced by an earlier run of the New 52 Batgirl comics, written by Gail Simone and launched in In that series, Barbara Gordon has recovered from a spinal injury inflicted by the Joker batgirlnaked a notorious storyline more on that later thanks to experimental surgery.

She still fights crime but is haunted sexypussypantie the attack. Batgirl is a central character in the famous graphic novel The Killing Joke written by Alan Moore.

In it, the Joker tortures and paralyzes Barbara Gordon, effectively ending her career as Batgirl.