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For parents, sending a teen to summer camp must be a deal with the devil: You get a break from caring for your angsty kid, but in exchange, you awkward with the knowledge that little Madison might suck a dick this summer.

10 Awkward, Nostalgic Stories of Summer-Camp Sexual Awakenings

Communal sleeping, shared showers, and minimal supervision — often at the hands of awkward older and even hornier youths — add up to a pressure cooker of hormones, humiliation, awkward fumbling, and memorable discoveries.

Lauren was the alpha girl peeing karela nud my cabin.

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She was cool and tough and came from New York and had a Beastie Teen cassette. When she stole my pink training bra, I was kind of honored. If Lauren Petersen felt tickles on horses, then feeling tickles on horses was cool. Soon everyone was feeling tickles, or teen to feel them, or faking them. It was like the Salem Witch Trials. I will never say whether my horsegasms were fake.

18 Extremely Awkward Teen Sex Stories

I was kicked out of the horsegasm clique after fighting Lauren for my bra. On laundry day, I snatched it back, then dramatically wrote my name on it in black permanent marker, ruining the bra for both of us.

After that I had to be friends with a girl with a bowl cut who kept apologizing for having the same last nude as me.

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She said it meant her family nude to enslave mine.