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Nude Amelia Allen's new book, Naked Britain, is a celebratory exploration of the human body, with a focus on the UK's growing naturism aka nudist movement. She wanted to unshackle her work from body ideals and aesthetics, and focus on women's rights and the freedom that comes with accepting your body as it is.

Essentially, she was looking to highlight a different nude of beauty.

Average Nudes

Thanks to the lack of representation of diverse bodies in media, it can sadly take a lot of work for people to love their bodies and to not hold up others as the epitome of perfection. Thankfully, Allen's shots of the naturists, free of self-consciousness and judgement, encourage you to do just bodies Click through to see our favorite photographs from the book, and bodies read more about Allen's experience photographing this community.

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However, I. Thanks to the much-needed noise around period poverty in recent years, we're increasingly aware of the fact that, for many women, sanitary products aren't.


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