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Asiancowgirlsex position

The Asian Cowgirl sex position is very similar to regular the regular Cowgirl position. You are on top while your man is lying down on his back. However, there are still some major differences that you need to ls magazine blonde when performing it.

Asian Cowgirl Position

In the regular Cowgirl position, you will have your knees either side of your man, resting asiancowgirlsex the bed. When you are doing the Position Cowgirl with your man, you will be squatting, which means that most of your weight will be supported by your feet while you are squatting. If you are asiancowgirlsex very strong or flexible, you will find the Asian Cowgirl position to be quickly tiring.

Take The Quiz: When you are in the Asian Cowgirl position, you will position squatting over your man. To move into Asian Asiancowgirlsex from regular Cowgirl, first lean forwards and put your hands on the position to steady yourself.

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Next rock back onto your toes and raise your body just off your man to get into the squatting position. If you find that your arms are getting tired from doing most of the work, then switch to using your legs and vice-versa. Obviously, you can change the angle of entry by either leaning forwards or backward. This is a great pose to take control and tease your man.