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Asian low teen

There's been little change in asian number of teenage pregnancies in the Low, says a UN agency.

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Low problem traces its roots to the lack of access to appropriate sexual and reproductive health information and services, the United Nations Population Fund UNFPA said. Teen present, there are nearly one billion young people aged asian 10 and 24 living in the Asia-Pacific region, accounting for more than a quarter of its population. Around one-third of adolescent pregnancies were conceived prior to marriage, an teen analysis of the Philippine Bangalorenakedgirl and Health Survey reported.

The burden carried by such adolescents is greater as they have i nsufficient knowledge and life-skills regarding safe and consensual relationships, the UNFPA said.

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Young, pregnant, and poor. They also face barriers to accessing services and commodities needed to avoid unsafe sex and its consequences. Is learning safe sex unsafe? The UNFPA stressed that poor sexual and reproductive health not only affects the youth physically but also socioeconomically.


While improvements in the Philippines have been slow, South Asian countries have seen much progress. Such risks are especially high among young women who sell sex.

They also have high rates of multiple partners and sexual violence.