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Anorexia penetration


Author information: Malnutrition and anorexia of exogenous luminal nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract affect intestinal permeability IP leading to an increased penetration of substances that passively cross intestinal epithelium via intercellular pathways. We hypothesised that an increase in IP could occur in patients with anorexia nervosa because of breastless bikini prolonged fasting and chronic malnutrition. To this purpose, after an overnight fast, subjects ingested an oral solution containing 5 g lactulose and 2 g mannitol in penetration water.

Urine specimens were collected immediately before and 30, 60, and min after the ingestion of the sugar solution. Urinary lactulose and mannitol were determined by high-performance anion exchange chromatography anorexia with pulsed amperometric detection. Moreover, in patients, the time course of lactulose excretion significantly differs from healthy controls.

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These results do not confirm our hypothesis of increased IP in anorexia nervosa. Since IP reflects the anatomo-functional status of intestinal mucosa, the present findings support the idea that changes in penetration anatomo-physiology of intestinal mucosa occur in anorexia nervosa.