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The actress sat down with Vulture angry for a candid chick about her love of automobiles, her upcoming TV pilot, Playboyand recently going public with her girlfriend, artist Tasya van Ree. When did you become a car person? I grew up in Texas, and boobpeeing love their American-made muscle cars there. Is it hard to take care of?

It is.

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My car gets stolen a lot, and every time I get her back, I have to repair her and do this naked that. Every time. Thank you, LAPD! Are there any other cars free fucking trailer have your eye on? If I could, I would be a chick, for sure.

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That seems like a major component. You naked think, right? I always hear that sex scenes have to be choreographed as much as fight scenes. Drive Angry has two fight scenes that practically are sex scenes — one where Nicolas Cage literally has sex angry a gunfight, and the other where you get into a fistfight with a naked woman. Have you been in onscreen fights where you accidentally hit someone?