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Sex differences in longevity can provide insights into novel mechanisms of aging, yet they have been little studied. Surprisingly, sex-specific longevity patterns are better known in wild animals.

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Evolutionary hypotheses accounting for longevity patterns in natural populations include differential vulnerability to environmental hazards, differential intensity of sexual selection and distinct patterns of parental care.

Mechanistic hypotheses focus on asymmetric inheritance of sex chromosomes and mitochondria.

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Virtually all intensively studied species show conditional sex differences in longevity. Humans are the only species in which one sex is known to have a ubiquitous survival advantage. Paradoxically, although women live longer, they suffer greater morbidity particularly late in life. This mortality-morbidity paradox may be a consequence of greater connective tissue responsiveness to sex hormones in women.

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The vast majority of animal species have two sexes and those sexes often differ in many aspects of their biology. Most obviously, males range from a tiny fraction of the size of females to considerably larger and live considerably shorter to substantially longer lives Austad, ; Finch, Sex differences in longevity can nude youngleaf girls be exploited to help understand mechanisms underlying variation in longevity within a species. Yet these differences remain little studied despite considerable variation among different genotypes of commonly used laboratory species such as C.

Surprisingly, much more has been reported about sex differences in longevity among wild populations than among captive populations sexs numerous long-term field studies have tried to understand the evolutionary forces underlying sex differences in behavior and anemal host of life history traits such as rates of development, mating systems, and reproductive patterns. Thus we know that female short-finned pilot whales live nearly twice as long anemal males Kasuya and Marsh, ; and that female African lions, red deer, black-tailed prairie dogs, numerous monkeys and sexs are also longer-lived than males, although these differences are not as extreme as in the pilot whales Bronikowski et al.