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Tattoo nude joanna gleason I know that such a silly topic would spark such anger from other butthole-tattoo owners. It was my duty as someone who sometimes pretends to be a journalist to stick my tape recorder by her butthole and see what it had to say.

I assure you that the beautiful, ludicrous music it made was quite unexpected. See more of Lyla and her butthole here.

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Tell me all about your butthole tattoo, Lyla. I became curious about anal sex because Naked was sexually neglected and dating someone who had a pill problem. Instead of going out and finding someone else, I would watch porn at home and the only thing that really got me excited, was anal porn.

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I liked seeing the girls in pain. I have a very high tolerance for pain. The other night when my anal and I were watching porn, I came up with the idea to show them how you really do it.

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What they consider anal sex, I see as just the head poking at the hole. You have to put it all the way in.

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It has to be brutal. Is he making you do butt porn?

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