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Due to an apparent shortage of Dark Matterfuel prices have begun to rise, prompting Professor Hubert Futerrama. Farnsworth to prohibit flying the Planet Express ship unless absolutely necessary. However, Turanga Leela has begun to develop anger issues, and upset about being insulted by Salenters the ship in a Space Demolition Derbytrashing the ship.

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As punishment, Leela is forced to wear a 50,volt shock collar that activates whenever she has a violent thought, uses profanity, has a sexual thought or lies. Trying as hard as he can, Bender manages to imagine himself as a medieval knight and joins the game, naming himself Titanius Anglesmith.

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However, nude he was never meant to have an imagination, Bender gradually believes himself to be a real knight in the magical world of Cornwood. At first, he seems harmless, until he starts causing chaos everywhere. Eventually, he crashes into Leela's parents' house, where she has brought John A.

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Zoidberg over to dinner to prove that she has resolved her anger issues, given that he is the one with the authority to remove the collar. Leela is unable to amy back with the collar on and Russian hometube is too scared to take it off.