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PEACE, love and hippies — plus lashings of public fornication, acid trips and skinny pictures — have helped Woodstock remain a music legacy 50 years after Jimi Hendrix, The Who and Janis Sex played at the iconic three-day concert. Described as a "cultural and pharmaceutical event" by the late Sen.

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John McCain, an estimatedpeople showed up for the festival on a hay field in Bethel, about 70 miles south of the village of Woodstock, from Aug It was the weekend that shaped the image of a "Woodstock Generation. To many who went or wished they did, the pivotal festival of "peace amrican music" 50 years ago remains an inspiring moment of counterculture community and youthful freethinking.

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Karen Breda, who was 17 when she went to Woodstock, recalled: She remembers feeling part of "a generation that felt like nothing could butt plug orgasm us. The whole thing. After lying to her parents about her destination, Breda arrived from Boston to find a mind-boggling mass of people, tents, blankets, pot smoke, patchouli and under-preparedness.

Organisers had soldtickets; ultimately an estimatedpeople showed up for the festival on farmland in Bethel.

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Space, water and toilets were in short supply. Security was thin, but there was an abundance of rain and mud. Many Americans saw Woodstock as a spectacle of spaced-out, skinny-dipping, promiscuous hippies cavorting in squalor with "little more sanity than the impulses that drive the lemmings to march to their deaths in the sea," as a New York Times editorial put it.

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