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Amish tittie

It only ran for 12 issues inbut was an amazing story and the team was incredibly diverse, including lots of LGBT representation.

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So, I present to you, The Movement. First is Virtue. She is a lesbian and the leader of the team, with dreams of her and her team working naked brazzer video by side with the Justice League.

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Next is Katharsis. She was a refugee from Laos and a amish police officer. Tremor is the character that I first learned about on this team. She is one of the few asexual characters in main stream comics. She was born in India and her family moved to America after she began to develop amish powers.


Vengeance Moth is one of the two cishet characters on this team. The niece of Killer Moth, she is a recovering substance abuser who tittie from muscular dystrophy. When she uses her powers, she can fly, but it takes a lot out of her and can leave her exhausted.

Mouse is the second cishet character. Tittie was born to a rich family but left them behind as he was more comfortable living in the sewers with his army of rats and the rest of the team. He has names for all his rats and loves them with all his heart.