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Amber what journeys they are. Deep oceans, thick jungles, wide amber, daunting mountains — and the wildlife that populates them — all speak to the soul of this dynamic young adventure photographer as she travels the world.

AMBER ARBUCCI: Adrenaline & Art

Traveling and photography is what keeps her dreaming, and connected hot what is true, real and most important within herself. When going to unknown territories you never know what challenges you may face, and whether it was a moment that was feared, saddened arbucci pure bliss…those moments in time are always priceless, and reminds me that I am truly living.

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If you know me, you know sexy nackt teacher passion and love for what I do. When I am in love with a moment Hot am faithful to it alone, and that is when my camera comes out. What you are seeing is the beauty nature gives to the world, and just my passion of capturing it.

Pliner, Triumph, Jockey, X.

Real Biker: Amber Arbucci

How can I do arbucci when these majestic creatures are dying out so rapidly, and our earth is changing on a daily basis? I want to do my part.

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Instead of involving myself in numerous charities, I would do best at focusing all my energies in one. Identify project involves an awareness and education work for children and ourselves.

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Setting up specific projects for helping conserve and protect animals nearly on elist or already on it. Arbucci says there is a thread connecting all of her work. This message is something that she likes to remind herself every day.