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Amateur vhf

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Ham radio bands summaries includes: They are very different to the HF ham radio johanna wet pussy in their character, but this means that they provide a different challenge and a different area of interest within amateur hobby of amateur radio. The Amateur ham radio bands are very convenient to use. Antennas are small and amateur radio equipment for these bands is compact and widely available. This means that it is easy to set up and install a station in most areas, and many people even have a small ham radio station in their car.

There is a number of different vhf radio bands in the VHF portion of the radio spectrum.

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The actual amateur vary between one country and the next, and also the different radio regions. It can be seen that some ham radio bands are allocated in the USA that are not vhf in the UK, and vice versa. However, the table gives a good indication of some of the allocations that are available around vhf globe. Of the bands available, 6 Metres and 2 Metres are possibly the most widely used and popular of the VHF ham radio allocations.

The Backbone Of VHF Amateur Radio May Be Under Threat

Each of the VHF amateur radio or ham radio bands has its own character. The propagation conditions combined with other factors including the size of the allocation, the availability of equipment and other similar factors means that the bands are sued for different purposes and the perform in different ways. Summaries for the different ham radio allocations are given below.

This is the lowest of the VHF ham radio bands, being very close in frequency to the HF portion of the spectrum.

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