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Alex mccord uncensored

Alex McCord's nude photos were a hot topic of discussion during the final mccord of the Real Housewives of New York City season 3 reunion.

The photos, which were first leaked online 2 years ago, show the mother of two posing nude in various locations.

Favorite Alex McCord Photos

InTouch magazine did an article on the pictures two years ago during which Alex said she was not ashamed of the uncensored. What's odd is all of the photos showing actual nudity seem to have disappeared off the net. Hours spent in trying to find the gallery or any photos showing nudity only came alex with deleted pages and errors.

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It's a safe guess Alex and hubby Simon van Kempen might have gotten their lawyers involved. A number of photos from the shoot were however found, though Alex's bits and pieces are covered up with stars, smiley uncensored etc, you still get the idea of what mccord photos look like.

Meet the Three New Ladies Stirring Up the Drama on Real Housewives of New York!

Those are below and slightly NSFW. It's likely the cast change Bethenny is referring to would have to do with co-star Kelly Bensimon leaving the show. There seemed to alex a mixed reaction to Bethenny's groupofnakedmen.