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Adult sex cards

Get on with this unconventional erotic game which will be fun for both partners, and enjoy the unforgettable erotic experience from the foreplay to the sweet sexual pleasure and climax.

A Year of Sex Adult Card Game

The game rules are very simple. At the first sight an ordinary deck of cards contains cards with hot and even hotter paris hilton redtube activities.

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After the first partner to go draws a card from the deck, the second partner must perform the activity written adult the adult in the predefined time limit.

But be aware that it is not always clear who is going to please whom.

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When a diamond card is drawn, the sex must be performed by the partner who drew the card. In this erotic gameyou can either use the predefined decks with activities, or you can think of your own activities.

To prepare your own deck of cards, just use some of the 60 activities provided or use sex imagination and make your own.


For quick start, you will find 5 predefined card decks, which you can also quickly modify to match your expectation. Don't be afraid of some activities you haven't tried with your partner yet, in this sex game.

4 Sexy Card Games To Play With A Partner

Spicy sex is also about trying new things with your partner. One never know, maybe you will love it so much, that you will hardly imagine your future sexual life without it. This erotic card game is suitable also for non heterosexual couples so any couple cards spice their sexual life.