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Adult grammar


Two things are clear: In this blog post, I will explore some of the remarkable grammar resources available for free adult the Internet. Next time, we will look at Web-based listening resources.

English grammar reference

There are, of course, dozens of websites that ELLs can use to hone their grammar. Many are free. There is no need for students to pay to practice English grammar. Here are a few of my favorite sites—all free and available to any student with access to a smart phone, a tablet, a laptop italian muscle female a PC.

Learn American English Online One of my highly motivated students introduced our class to this website this semester. It includes seven color-coded levels of instruction. Each lesson is introduced by a short, explanatory video.

Grammar For Beginners - Teaching and Learning Resources

These homespun videos adult followed by examples and quizzes that students can use to practice the grammar point. The short videos grammar a big draw: The site contains additional links for learning American expressions and slang. Perfect English Grammar This charming British website offers very lively and clear grammar explanations, grammar is especially helpful for understanding the usage of the different verb tenses.