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A Nature Research Journal. Movement, cognition and perception arise from the collective activity of neurons within cortical circuits and across large-scale systems of the brain.

While the causes of single neuron spikes have been understood for decades, the processes that support collective neural behavior in large-scale cortical systems are less clear and have been at times the subject of contention. Modeling large-scale brain activity with nonlinear dynamical systems theory allows the integration of experimental data from multiple modalities into a common framework that facilitates prediction, testing and possible refutation.

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This work reviews the core assumptions that underlie model computational approach, the methodological framework that fosters the translation of theory into bridget bardo nude laboratory, and the emerging body of supporting evidence. While substantial act remain, evidence supports the view that collective, nonlinear model are central to adaptive cortical activity.

Dynamic models of large-scale brain activity

Likewise, aberrant dynamic processes appear to underlie a number of brain disorders. Hodgkin, A.

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Propagation of electrical signals along giant nerve fibres. B Biol. Kelso, J.