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The consequences of sexual assault are complex and difficult to document. Victim studies reveal the difficulties experienced by people who have been sexually assaulted compared to their non-assaulted counterparts. However, most sexually these studies do not allow these difficulties to be attributed to the sexual assault alone.


Post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD is a reactive disorder that can develop following a traumatic event and be diagnosed by teen physician. For more information on post-traumatic stress disorder, visit the Info-trauma sexually. Many experts believe that parental support is the single most important factor in helping sexually abused children adjust following the abuse and in reducing the risk of abused developing symptoms, abused of the characteristics of the abuse experienced.

Parental support includes, in particular, believing the child and taking action following the disclosure of abuse. Characteristics of the sexual abuse experienced.

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Personal characteristics of teen victim. Characteristics of the family. Other stressful events experienced by the family, quality of parent-child relationship, family functioning.

Sources of support.

Children and Teens: Statistics | RAINN

Maternal and family support, reaction of friends to disclosure of the abuse, support resources peers, significant adults. Child sexual abuse has often been associated with a higher risk of mental health problems in adulthood.

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A gifs porn cock of a cohort of sexually abused children meenablowjob for over 40 years found that women who were sexually abused in childhood were more than seven times more likely to have received a diagnosis of post-traumatic nude mikki disordernearly nine times more likely to have a substance abuse disorder drugs or alcohol and nearly 8.