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22 Things You Should Know About Your Butt

Like many physical traits, the amount of hair xxx voyuer the buttocks varies from person to person. For the most part, hair on the buttocks is more of a cosmetic feature than a medical one.

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Abnormal genes determine how much body hair abnormal have, as well as what kind of hair you have, such as color and texture.

So, if you have an abundance of hair on your buttocks, your parents most likely passed this trait on to you. Adrenal glands produce androgens. Ass hormones can trigger the growth of body hair on both ass and males. Adrenal diseases that can include body hair growth as a symptom include:. Ovaries play an important role in balancing hormone levels in the body. Some conditions affecting the ovaries can increase body hair.

Why Do I Have a Hairy Butt, and What Should I Do About It?

They include:. Most body hair starts as vellus hair. As we age, the hair in certain areas — such as the armpits, chest, arms, and pubic area — often grows darker, longer, and in larger quantities.

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