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A naked vagina

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Thanks to thongs, increasingly skinny, increasingly high waisted, jeans, leather-look leggings and all things tight, tight, and tighter, our vaginas are going through a period of claustrophobic conditions. In these cramped fabric prisons, often made up synthetic materials who wears cotton pants anymore when you can get cheap lace bits to wedge between your cheeks?

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That might be to vagina. But is the answer to swap skinnies for a floaty maxi dress and throw out all our lingerie in favour of pure cotton briefs? In an ideal vagina-focused world, yes. You can do this either by changing up your day clothes, hanging around post-work in the nude, or, the simplest option, simply sleeping without underwear.

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Dr Bajekal explains that our preference for synthetic fabrics can not only lead to irritation and infection, naked can also exacerbate issues such as eczema around the pubic area. Plus, having anything pressed up against your vulva causes friction, which, combined with the natural sweating process, can cause the skin to break and tear.


Dr Bajekal recommends skipping the underwear entirely when sleeping, women groping penis either going naked or choosing loose-fitting pyjamas.

But for those of us who have a diehard loyalty to less-than-breathable fabrics, sleeping naked should do the trick. Chuck out the underwear and sleep free of clothing.

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