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Which you are available, you can see on the overview of all available domain endings. You can manage your DNS records yourself at any time. Your Control Panel ensures that your changes are taken over immediately. If you run your own Nameserver, you can of course also use it for all domains that you manage through us.

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You can also register domains containing umlauts as well as domains consisting of numbers only. A transfer lock or domain lock prevents unauthorized persons from initiating a transfer for your domain. We are a European, founder-managed company.


Both our employeesas well as the data you hosted are of course in Europe. Trust in our many years of experience as a direct registrar for many domain extensions. About us you can also register domains with very unusual domain endings. We are here for you personally, whether via telephone, email, live chat or our social media channels.

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More details can be found in our support area. Domain registration is the process that a registrant e. Domain registrations are always chargeable. By registering a domain, the registrant becomes the owner of the domain, provided that he registers himself as the owner of the domain. During domain registration, we make sure that you comply with all the formal rules set by the respective authority.

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Lengthy and hyphenated names are commonly not advocated for registration as they tend to confuse users. Moreover, people rarely take into account lengthy names. So what to do? This is considered very vital as by doing so that you can boom your visibility on search engines and feature an excessive rating on them.

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The process for registering a name is very simple and similar to any online purchase. You could easily go to a website of a registrar, check domain for its availability, pick an extension this is available for registration and make a payment. Maximum registrars offer capabilities like domain parking, locking and access to DNS control panel when you buy domain names from them.

These companies are normally those which might be commonly recommended for registering domains. The second step is to register it. After clicking that button, you may understand whether that name is to be had or already taken.

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In the second step, your registrar company will provide you with a form to fill the required details. Input your preferred domain name on that form and choose the extension you want then hit the search button.

Choose the range of years you need to sign in your domain name. Once after purchasing a domain name the next main thing that one should consider is choosing the right and reliable hosting provider to host your website. Выделены неверные слова.

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