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Обратные ссылки Google: Нет данных Bing: Нет данных Alexa: Hostdime is a privately held global provider of web hosting services based out of Mexico.

Inthe company was founded to provide managed web hosting, and grew to establish a worldwide customer base to many Spanish speaking countries. They continue to grow and further establish themselves worldwide, and currently host over 3 million domains.

They are currently ranked among the top 50 Cloud hosting companies in the world with self-support teams and datacenters in six countries. Dedicated servers, virtual private servers, and shared hosting options are all offered by this company. They also have streaming and domain services, including colocation services if needed. Shared hosting and Reseller hosting plans are available as well, and all of their plans have many upgradeable features and additions depending on customer needs.

Though this company seems to have a very big global presence and seemingly has been highly regarded as a great hosting service provider, they do not have any clearly stated uptime on their page.

A quick web search also does not bring up any information regarding their reliability and uptime. Also, reviews on some websites do state some issues with their service and reliability, and they do not seem to have been addressed.

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Reliability and support with this company may be questionable. Dedicated managed server features come with many options depending on your service plan, which start with 4GB of RAM, 2x1Tb of hard disk space, and 10TB of transfer. Dedicated managed servers are all hosted on Intel XEON or Intel Corei3 processors, and offer many extra options such as additional dedicated IP addresses, increasing RAID cards, more bandwidth, more storage, and many other upgrades depending on needs.

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You can host out of the United States or Mexico, and all hosting plans come with additions and upgrades such as added IP addresses, domain transfer, and remote desktop services. This company has 24x7x ticketing and live support for their customers. They praise themselves on their customer service, however a quick web search brought up a few concerns regarding their service. Reviews on their home page state no qualms, however, it would best be noted to proceed with caution. Overall, pricing is a pretty average compared to other sites and what is included in hosting options.

With servers based in the US, Mexico, and elsewhere, and many additional services and upgrades, there are many options to choose from to give you the best selection for your needs. HostDime is a very large, globally based hosting provider for Spanish speaking countries.