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Online Help. Visit the Help Center. You can manage all your domain nameserver DNS records from your control panel. Domain Masking and Forwarding.

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Easily direct your domain name to your website or anywhere else you want. Блокировка домена.

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Prevent accidental transfers of domain ownership. Change of Domain Registration.

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Оставаясь на сайте, Вы соглашаетесь с размещением файлов cookie и даете согласие на хранение и обработку ваших персональных данных. Проверим домены? Международные домены.

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Российские домены. Украинские домены. Hashtable; import javax. Context; import javax.

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InitialContext; import javax. Ragesh Kr. Ragesh Kr Ragesh Kr 4 13 Can you describe the problem, what errors do you get?

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I have to connect i mean establish connection right. I dunno how to do that. The main method expects the URL to the initial context of your naming service. This is where the "remote" aspect come in something like tcp: The credentials are passed when you create the Connection in qconFactory.

WHen you run the program: I have tried this out and is running currently on my machine import java. Properties; import javax. Connection; import javax. ConnectionFactory; import javax.

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Destination; import javax.