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Сколько стоит "виртуальная бухгалтерия" В калькуляторе ниже можно выбрать готовые конфигурации, дающие инфраструктуру для комфортной работы предприятий разного размера примерное количество пользователей указано в названии конфигурации.

Готовые конфигурации Размещение в Европе Размещение в Украине.

Аренда 1С:Підприємство - Первый БИТ - Киев

Размещение в Европе. До 2 пользователей. До 5 пользователей. До 10 пользователей. До 20 пользователей.

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The company provides us with full technical support in the matters of website hosting on the virtual dedicated server, cloud based mail server, as well as stable and reliable Internet connection. With the official web page being the face of our charitable fund, its stable work is extremely important!

COSMONOVA NET fully took on the development of the technical part of the project, and its full maintenance and support, allowing for dreams of numerous children to come true and let nothing stand in the way!

All technical tasks are performed on time, in good faith and with unwavering quality!

1С Склад Приход Перемещение Списание

The service we needed was to provide a stable Internet connection at an offsite event. Everything had been done on time, with tact and high degree of tolerance: We were happy with all provided solutions and have no complaints whatsoever! Using hosting solutions for a high-load website dtp.

It is an excellent operator that provides high-quality services of TV signal delivery to the required points of presence. It is a reliable partner in the field of specialized services for TV companies, whose experts are always ready to prove their worth with prompt resolution of any issues that might arise.

Delivery of the broadcast signal to the tower Control and Management Centerthe main one over dark fiber, the reserve one over IP. Delivery of the signal to cable operators using IP-technologies.

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Provision of high-speed Internet for the office and Internet connection for off-site filming. We have been cooperating for two years. The connection was prompt, with great communication with the staff. We are satisfied with our cooperation and do not even consider any competitors.

And in my opinion there are none at this stage. Any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. There are always alternative ways of solving the matter that would suit both sides. Our company, DHL logistics ltd. And Cosmonova ltd. This company is a trustworthy partner which in a very short time built a data transmission link channel between our headquarters in Kiev and distant databank, provided a heavy-duty access link to the Internet with highly-efficient communicational parameters.

The Cosmonova personnel is really easy to work with. They are ready to assist at any sage of our cooperation. DHL is an acknowledged leader in efficient logistics of heavy cargo all over the world. Specific for our industry, our company runs a network of affiliates with global reach and significance, which constantly face relevant challenges with IT efficiency among them.

Being such an affiliate in Ukraine, we found in Cosmonova a reliable telecommunication partner capable to timely deploy custom tailored infrastructure.

Аренда 1С:Підприємство Украина. Тарифы в Облаке.

Cosmonova network presence as well as excellent worldwide connectivity allowed us to expand DHL Private Network for valuable data and critical applications. Cosmonova is a comfortable company to work with. Their personnel showed a great deal of willingness whatever assist we needed from tailoring technical requirements to helping configure our network interconnections.

The MEGOGO company would like to expresses its gratitude for the high standards of quality and uninterrupted services of the IP stream formation by your company. We would also like to note the high level of professionalism and prompt response to short-term emergencies that arose in the course of work.

Separately, we would like to highlight that the technical solutions provided to us have a high level of fail-safe and backup redundancy.

The Sonar company is one of the leading content distributors in the Ukrainian subscription based and terrestrial TV market, and has been working with Cosmonova for more than five years.

Thanks to the TV platform and an expert team, TV carriers who are unable to receive our satellite channels, can get them over IP. And especially, the top-rated and quality channels offered by the Sonar company. If a carrier cannot receive our channels from the satellite, we recommend you contact the Cosmonova company and get our channels over IP.

The initial contact between us was established at the beginning of Экономическая целесообразность В отличии от покупки 1С, требующей время на покупку и настройку оборудования и ПО, аренда 1С позволяет получить доступ к 1С сразу же после оплаты. У вас не возникает никаких дополнительных обязательств - в любое время вы можете прекратить использовать 1С: Бухгалтерию Онлайн, 1С: Управление торговлей Онлайн или 1С: Управление небольшой фирмой Онлайн и забрать свои финансовые данные.

Аренда 1С экономически выгоднее ее покупки: Опции Покупка 1С Аренда 1С Сервер оптимальной конфигурации, с системой дублирования жестких дисков от. Включено в стоимость услуги Обеспечение бесперебойного питания и кондиционирования от. Включено в стоимость услуги Лицензии 1С: Предприятие 8 1 серверная и 5 клиентских. Включено в стоимость услуги Лицензии Windows Terminal Server на 5 пользователей.

Включено в стоимость услуги Ежедневное резервное копирование данных на другой сервер от 13. Включено в стоимость услуги ИТС обновления 1С, законодательные обновления от 20.

Включено в стоимость услуги Администрирование сервера от 80. Отсутствует Ежемесячный платеж от. Безопасности и высокая надежность хранения данных Данные клиентов хранятся в промышленном дата-центре, находящегося на территории закрытого режимного объекта со строго ограниченным доступом. Информация передается в зашифрованном виде по защищенному каналу. Аналогичную схему шифрования используют банки в системах "банк-клиент".

Ежедневно выполняется процедура резервного копирования. Централизация системы дает возможность протоколировать все действия пользователей и, в случае необходимости, использовать эту информацию для выявления злоумышленников. Если у Вас уже есть база 1С, то мы бесплатно перенесем ее на наше оборудование, и вы сможете продолжить работу со своей информацией на нашем сервисе.