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It is not a substitute for current remedies to resolve intellectual property disputes involving domain names and websites.

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If you are the registrant and it is your own domain name, please contact your registrar. If you suspect abuse on a. RGP is a service that allows the registrar to restore a domain name that has been unintentionally deleted. This day period begins after a registrar requests that the registry delete a domain name. When a domain name enters RGP, it is removed from the registry zone file.

As a result, any Internet services supported by the domain name will be disabled e. If a registrar deletes a domain name and does not request that the domain name be restored during the day RGP, it enters RHP. RHP lasts for five days, and during this time the domain name is locked and unable to be restored. After five days, it becomes available for re-registration. Once the domain name enters RHP, the prior registrant cannot request a restore.

The domain is returned to the zone file during this period. If the Restore Report is not received from the registrar within 5 days, the domain is returned to a new day RGP with status of: Once a registrar formally requests to restore a domain name, the registrar must submit a Restore Report to Public Interest Registry within five days to fully restore the domain name from RGP. This means that the registrar cannot use the domain name until a restore report has been submitted and accepted.

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During this period the following domain statuses will be applied:. If your domain name has been placed in RGP, it is because your registrar requested to delete it.

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If you wish to redeem the domain name, you must contact your registrar immediately. We cannot directly restore your domain name -- it can act only on explicit instructions from the sponsoring registrar.

Please note that your registrar may charge a fee for restoring the domain name. In total, a domain name can be released for re-registration 35 days after it has been deleted by a registrar, provided that there has been no restore request received by the registry during the RGP.

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To calculate the date a deleted domain name will be available for registration, add 35 days to the "last updated on" date reflected in the WHOIS. Once a domain name is placed in RGP, no Internet services for that domain name, including email, will work. Once a registrar formally requests to restore a domain name, it must provide a special restore report to us within five days.

This report must include background documentation and a reason for the restoration. If your registrar does not deliver the report within five days, the registry will return the domain to the RGP status "Pending Delete - Restorable"and the domain name once again will not resolve or support Internet services e.

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Public Interest Registry does not determine the fees that registrars charge their customers. However, the registrar incurs extra costs each time it invokes the RGP process. Registrars may charge a fee to restore a domain name through RGP at their discretion. You should contact your registrar to inquire about the fee being charged.

Once the day RGP for a domain name has passed, it cannot be restored. RHP serves as a notice period for registrars regarding the pending availability of the domain name. When at all commercially reasonable, the domain name will be reinstated, with temporary restrictions, within five calendar days of the restore request. It is up to each registrar whether to charge the registrant for the renewal fee in addition to an RGP fee.

Please also refer to RFC for more information.

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The auth code is a six-tocharacter code assigned by the current sponsoring registrar that serves as a password for the domain. Auth codes are asecurity measure that ensures that only the owner of the domain name can make transfers.

If you do not know your auth code, you can obtain it from your registrar. Registrars are contractually required to provide the auth code upon the request by the registrant. Registrars can obtain the auth code for their domain names by sending a request to the registry. Registrars are able to obtain auth codes only for the domain names that they manage.

Your registration may have expired. When you register a domain name, you can register it for one to 10 years. If your registrar does not receive your registration payment, your registrar can take one of several actions, including deleting or placing your domain name on "hold".

These actions will remove your domain name from the zone file, and all Internet services, including email, for that domain name will cease. If the registrar deletes your domain name, you have 30 days from the date of deletion to contact your registrar to restore and renew it. Each registrar and reseller uses a unique contact management system to manage usernames and passwords for each registrant.

Please contact your registrar or reseller directly to obtain this information. There are third parties that offer this service.

Please contact your registrar or reseller for information on how to place a backorder on a domain name. To make changes to your domain name, including changing name servers, renewing your domain name, transferring or deleting a domain name, please contact your registrar or reseller, who will then put the request through to the registry. Public Interest Registry, like all domain name registries, is not authorized to change records directly for registrants.

Any domain name that does not have at least two name servers associated with it is listed as "Inactive". This means that the domain name will not resolve on the Internet. Once you add two name servers through your registrar, the Inactive status will be taken off, and the domain name will resolve. If the information for your domain name has not been updated at the registry, please contact your registrar or reseller.

Frequently Asked Questions. What is a domain name registry? A registrar? A registrant? How do I become an accredited registrar with Public Interest Registry? Can I register a. Why not? Если у вас возникли вопросы по поводу услуг хостинга или регистрации доменных имен - загляните, пожалуйста, сначала в раздел Вопросы и ответы, возможно там уже есть ответ на ваш вопрос.

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Регистрация доменов в Интернете в настоящее время осуществляется на основе ограничительной практики, что иногда затрудняет доступ к рынкам. We start providing trademark registration services for different needs, including obtaining of a domain in the UA zone. This became possible due to the passage of state certification. Pay attention that the domain name is available for registration by other users until the moment you pay the invoice.

How to register a. BEL domain? Domain name neither can begin or end with hyphen, nor include two hyphens in a row. How to connect a domain name to hosting? These are domains with generic words ONLY but command premium value.

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These domains would be made available to registrants through a competitive bidding and auction process. Allotment of gov. It generally takes about a week as the request for the domain must be confirmed and verified Before you place an order for a. The only persons The domain extension. NGO and.