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Helpful 0 Share. Лучший хостинг с DDoS защитой Service used: Dedicated Server. После того, как на мой ресурс недоброжелатели начали проводить DDoS-атаки, выбрал одну компанию, которая занималась защитой. От ДДоСа это не спасло. Тогда сменил защиту на StormWall. Отличная техподдержка и качественная защита мне Read More так понравились, что в итоге ресурс переехал на их выделенный сервер. Translate to English. Reply to this review Published on Nov. Protection with hosting Service used: As a result, I chose Stormwall because of the opportunity to purchase protection with hosting.

The service is worth th Read More e money: Reply to this review Published on Dec. Excellent service, especially operators Service used: I would like to say thanks to Stormworll for the excellent service, especially for your operators, who are very professional in helping and answering all questions.

When I called to consult, the site was no longer working and ther Read More e was a redemption offer. They quickly explained everything and connected! A good service for reasonable money! Reliability 2. Bad attitude, no explanation Service used: I tried to buy from them a dedicated server and a DDoS protection for it.

When i asked them on support chat regarding the gameserver i want to open on their server they told me that they do not allow hosting that kind of gameserve Read More rs Lineage2, which server files are legal and open source.

They told me this is a management decision and no further explanation. I see 2 possible reasons: I am sorry but with this attitude i can not give them any good review. Reply to this review Change review Published on Oct. Helpful 0. Dear Andrei! I understand your concern. We do not protect Lineage II game servers because it is out of our commercial interest and because we are not tailored for this kind of load. Online consultants on the website are learnt to I agree that some additional information could have been provided on this exact question, but all the decisions that we make are aiming to make our customers happy.

We also love to be honest with our customers.

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I connected Stormwall long time ago Service used: When I first faced the attacks I did not understand how you can turn off the site by simple overloading. Read More acks, since then I only received notifications by mail about them. So I immediately advise not to leave your site without protection and to connect it.

Reply to this review Published on Aug. Pros and cons Service used: The ability to pay webmoney and round-the-clock support, these personally advantages for me, another pros you can look for in other reviews.

And now more in detail, I work mostly at night, the peak of attendance is from 10 t Read More o 12 pm, at this time most often I am afraid to lose a site, so there is a round-the-clock support and protection from DDOS, the second is webmoney, now any large company accepts it, but for the hosters in my city this is somehow not acceptable, after the moving it turned out to be a pleasant thing.

Reply to this review Published on Jul. Reliability 8. Flexible control panel with a lot of customization Service used: Flexible control panel with a lot of customization, good round-the-clock technical support in which I convinced by a personal example. This all made me loyal to the company, I am the second year with them and never had the chance Read More to think about moving to competitors. Top 5 CMS hosted on Fornex В стоимость входит фильтрация трафика для одного домена и предоставление выделенного IP-адреса.

В стоимость входит гибкая фильтрация с более глубоким анализом трафика, расширенные правила геолокации, индивидуальные настройки фильтра, круглосуточный мониторинг доступности. Фильтрация трафика 10 доменов и предоставление выделенного IP-адреса. See the best DDoS Protection alternatives.

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A few words from Fornex Компания Fornex. Мы устанавливаем собственное оборудование. Серверы и дополнительные услуги как для аренды, так и для полной инфраструктуры наших сетей. Это дает нам максимальный контроль над качеством, надежностью и доступностью нашего сервиса.

Расположение серверов: Качественный хостинг должен отвечать трём критериям: Uptime сервиса Fornex. Если у пользователя возникнут сложности, он может быстро найти ответ в подробном руководстве или получить персональный ответ от службы поддержки в течение нескольких минут. А мощности Fornex ресурса и возможности позволяют поддерживать сайты любой сложности, обеспечивая эталонное качество, безопасность и более 55 довольных клиентов — лучшее тому доказательство.

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У нас большой список предоставляемых услуг: Visit Fornex. Need help with finding the right host for your needs? Our reviews are unbiased, honest, and apply the same evaluation standards to all those reviewed. While monetary compensation is received from a few of the companies listed on this site, compensation of services and products have no influence on the direction or conclusions of our reviews. Nor does the compensation influence our rankings for certain host companies.

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This compensation covers account purchasing costs, testing costs and royalties paid to reviewers. Was not quite right? HostAdvice users recommend 14 Xeon E Стандартная фильтрация.

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